Diverse Support & Counseling was formed as a sister company to Disability Services & Advocacy, which predominately supports individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities under the state agency, Division of Developmental Disabilities. DS&C was formed to aid in those with and without developmental disabilities to receive proper treatment for their mental illness.

Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality mental health treatment to adults, couples, and children seeking emotional well-being and internal growth, as well as promoting self-love. We believe that in being open and honest and exploring emotions, others will gain a better understanding of their conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Our Focus

Our counselors are dedicated to providing mental health counseling to individuals in New Jersey through a virtual platform. It is important to us to enrich the wellbeing of others mental health and help them connect their emotional state with logic. Through therapy sessions, an outlet is provided to support individuals experiencing stressful times, past and/or present trauma and other difficult issues. Each client receives an individualized treatment plan used to help ensure that there are goals for treatment and to be able to assess progress.

At this time, we only take Cigna, Aetna, Horizon BCBS, and United Behavioral Health.

Diverse Support Counseling Fees

Virtual Individual Session 50 Minutes $145.00

Virtual Family/Couples Session 50 Minutes $165.00

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